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I pulled a Shocktology! :)

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I pulled a Shocktology! :) Empty I pulled a Shocktology! :)

Post by xDOM3 SHOTx Sat Mar 08, 2008 6:53 pm

Ok if you havent seen THE BEST montage ever Shocktology watch it here
Well now that you have watched it you will understand my story

Ok so Me, Virus, TAS and deadman were playing MLGv4 2v2 on MLG Guardian. Its about 10 kills into the game and im at Camo. I grab some stickies and head to S3. I see TAS and try to stick him, i miss. BUT! here comes deadman and he runs into my grenade and i stick him. (Like when Aftershock misses the banshee and sticks the other dude) And at the exact same time me and TAS say "OMG I pulled a Shocktology!"
Then after we went into theater and saw it again =]

I pulled a Shocktology! :) Paradoxsigwipdone6copy
I pulled a Shocktology! :) Silver
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I pulled a Shocktology! :) Empty Re: I pulled a Shocktology! :)

Post by Dimkapo Tue Mar 11, 2008 9:54 pm

i did that same thing on isolation. in that little hall way, i threw a stickie and missed the guy i was aiming for, then another guy walked into it so awsomeness!!and good job

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