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Interview with Phobia X (one of the best R6V pros)

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Interview with Phobia X (one of the best R6V pros) Empty Interview with Phobia X (one of the best R6V pros)

Post by Guest Wed Mar 12, 2008 1:03 am

  • Fear; Here is the premiere of Adjusting the Perception with our first guest Phobia X. So when did you get introduced to MLG?
  • Phobia:
    I was playing GRAW2 at the time but decided to play MLG for Rainbow Six
    the weekend of Charolette, which was the first MLG event with Rainbow
    Six in it
  • F: You've become one of the most
    known pros for your respected game. How does it feel to be so well
    known through a community at your age?
  • P:
    Well it came rather quickly, i went to my first event as an unkown and
    then I placed second and everybody just knew who I was. Obviously it
    feels amazing when I am playing online and people are like "Is that the
    real Phobia?" and then they hear a voice of a younger person and they
    are pretty much shocked. That is definetly one of the greatest feelings
    you can have
  • F: Will you be playing the sequel to Rainbow Six Vegas this year at the MLG Events?
  • P:
    Of course, I am even heading down to meadowlands, even though there is
    no Rainbow Six, to LAN with my team and a few others while we wait for
    San Diego
  • F: Will your team consist of the
    same players that you had played with last year after finishing 2nd
    behind The Last Resistance last year in points?
  • P:
    Last season I was on Harmony n Havoc where we finished second in
    points. During the offseason the teams made some changes and I am now
    on team Dynasty. It consists of: Mr.X - formerly TLR Blood n Glory -
    formerly on Myth Finest x- my teammate from Harmony n Havoc We went to
    the Canadian Open in Toronto and brought home 1st place, since then we
    have been a team
  • F: Well it's good to know
    you've teamed up with some of the best at their espective game. Now
    that R6V:2 is coming onto the circuit do you think new teams will rise
    to challenge the top teams from the original?
  • P:Well
    if you didn't know, the rainbow community has gone under complete
    recunstruction. Not one single Pro team from last season has stayed the
    same. The best players in the game seem to be more spread out among the
    teams this season. Should create good competition for this season's
  • F: It seems Halo 3 has been getting
    the most hype for the MLG Events. Does this seem to you as though
    people are less focused on a tactical type game and more towards the
    "run n' gun" style of play?
  • P: Definetely,
    nobody wants to watch a slow paced game, especially for the spectators.
    If you aren't playing the game it can be hard to watch it, but if you
    are watching something a game that is really slow you can probrably end
    up falling asleep. With all that being said RSV:2 should be a new fan
    favourite with the sprint button, smaller maps, and of course the fast
    paced gametypes that MLG uses. Conquest didn't come onto the circuit
    until it was released before Meadowlands as downloadable content. Then
    you have Demolition coming out in vegas2 which forces one team to push
    so it should be a great spectator game
  • F:
    Rainbow Six Vegas is certainly a slow paced game with the cover system
    being involved and sometimes stalemates can occur. Do you ever get
    bored as a player playing sometimes?
  • P: When
    you play with the MLG settings and MLG players you will notice that
    people rarely ever use the cover system. It limits your mobility and
    reaction time against grenades or people coming around the corner. The
    only time you will really see someone use the cover system is to gather
    intel. What most people use is the "shoulder". the shoulder limits the
    amount of your body being exposed while still allowing the player to
    get a good angle on opponents. However this has been said to been fixed
    for Vegas 2 so we can only see how the new playstyles form with the
    sprint button and the removal of shouldering
  • F:Now
    you previsouly stated playing online and people asking if it's the REAL
    Phobia. Does it sometimes annoy you when you get random friend requests
    to play and do you sometimes get harrassed because of your well known
  • P: The friend requests never bother
    me, of course sometimes I feel bad when somebody sends me a friend
    request and I decline it but I'm not the only person to ever decline a
    request so i get over it. You really do get used to people calling your
    name out when you join a room. At first I would be really annoyed
    because if they got a kill on you then all of a sudden you are the
    worst player in the game. After almost a full year of it it no longer
    bothers me and most of the time I will just joke around with the people
  • F: Yes I can understand what you mean when
    other players call you out over ONE kill they got on you. I agree that
    many of the XBL players are good kinded people but many are very
    ignorant. Now the gun you use. The FAMAS. How do you think it will
    compare to the next game
  • P: I can't lie when
    I say I have watched the gameplay videos hundreds of times, like
    literally hundreds. From watching the video I noticed that the muzzle
    flash has been decreased which means it will be much easier to keep
    your gun on the target. In vegas1 the muzzle flash was horrific, it
    could pretty much give you a seizure if you sprayed your clip. I also
    noticed that the recoil has been decreased which will allow you to run
    around more and keep your shot accurate
  • F: Do you think your shot will become even greater than it was in R6V?
  • P:
    I am a very strong believer that confidence is everything. I know that
    when I am at the events playing on main stage with people watching me,
    I will play the best I can. So as long as I am motivated or "in the
    zone" my shot and my gameplay won't be a problem for me. Right now, in
    the offseason, I know for a fact my shot is nowhere near what it will
    be when Vegas2 hits.
  • F: Who will be the most well known player for the coming Vegas 2 circuit?
  • P:
    Well I can't really answer that with a confident response but I can go
    through facts. Blood n Glory has been a top player in vegas since the
    first Rainbow Six and most of the community regards him as the best
    player in the game. Other then that you will have just have to wait and
  • F: Good honest answer. Most kids I know
    would say something cocky if they were in your shoes. Just a few more
    questions here. What will be your favorite destination for this
  • P: Without a question it will be
    Toronto. It's in my Country and I regard to it as home turf.
    Unfortunetly many teams didn`t go to Toronto at the Canadian Open and
    missed a great time. It was my favourite event last year and it will be
    again this year
  • F: So MLG has paired up with
    Ubisoft but what are they actually collaborating on? Are they mainly
    working on this to be a game balanced for MLG so MLG has less work to
    adjust to make it balanced?
  • P: Last year in
    the pro meetings we were told that a Map in Vegas2 would be based on
    one of the MLG venues. However we didn`t know just how big their
    partnership was until we saw that there are 2 maps based on the MLG
    venues. We see that there is the basic MLG map and the Optimized map
    which already looks promising towards the Conquest setting. I don`t
    believe that this game is made for mainly for the MLG community but so
    much comes into advantage for MLG. We now have a faster paced game with
    smaller maps which all leads to a great competitve title. The
    adjustments to the community favourite setting `Conquest`` will also be
    a great modification for a more competitive game. You know have to
    capture all 3 satellites for a certain amount of time thus forcing
    teams to move around the map. Pro Player Finest X and 2 of the Frag
    Dolls are featured on the Limited Edition disk of vegas2 with
    interviews and tips.There is also a little video or slideshow of the
    mlg moments of 2007 where it shows like the teams that competed in mlg
    for vegas
  • F: Now two final questions. Your greatest MLG experience....what was it?
  • P:
    Well I do have a few of them and most of them are generic among most
    people about the first time meeting their team or their first ever
    championship, but mine is a little different. My all time favorite
    memory was at Dallas 07` and it was simply just hanging out with people
    from the rainbow community. It was my second event so I was a little
    loosend up and not as shy, and it was the the sunday night before
    everybody had to leave the next day. I just remember hanging out in the
    lobby and then in the sports bar playing pool and mooching off people`s
    chicken strips. I really don`t know why it was that much fun but it is
    always the memory that sticks in my head when I think about MLG, just
    hanging out with all the people not worrying about winning or losing. I
    can`t wait till I see everybody again at the meadowlands.
  • F:
    Wow good memory...makes it sound even more fun then just playing video
    games. OK this is two questions but who cares =). Your biggest fear?
    And better name for it? Fear or Phobia?
  • P: wait wtf lmao like my actual fearlike spiders or snakes ? LOL
  • F: LOL yes
  • P:
    (After debating between snakes or airplanes) I am more scared of
    airplanes than anything. Everytime I get on one I start sweating
    (insert Sameul L Jackson Snakes on a Plalne qoute here)
  • F: Alright now...whats a better name for being afraid. Phobia or Fear?
  • P: Phobia, reminds people of me LOL just playin. Dunno...Phobia sounds cool.
  • F: Thank you for the interview Phobia and good luck this season. P: Good Luck with the interviews in the future.

Here is the link to the interview:


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Interview with Phobia X (one of the best R6V pros) Empty Re: Interview with Phobia X (one of the best R6V pros)

Post by ViruS Wed Mar 12, 2008 11:23 am

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Interview with Phobia X (one of the best R6V pros) Empty Re: Interview with Phobia X (one of the best R6V pros)

Post by xDOM3 SHOTx Wed Mar 12, 2008 3:16 pm

yeah i read this he seems cool

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Interview with Phobia X (one of the best R6V pros) Empty Re: Interview with Phobia X (one of the best R6V pros)

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